Accept Islam, Dutch politician Arnoud Van Doorn: I regret my anti-Islam past

Accept Islam, Dutch politician Arnoud Van Doorn criticized Islam. he is an important member of a far-right party in the Netherlands. Accept Islam, Dutch politician Anard Van Doorn criticized Islam. he is an important member of a far-right party in the Netherlands.

But that was 5 years in the past. In the identical 12 months i.e. in March 2013, Arnaud Durn introduced his accept Islam.

Netherlands MP Girty Wilders made an anti-Islamic movie ‘Fitna’ in 2008. There had been robust reactions everywhere in the world in opposition to this.

When ArnoudDurn joined the PVV, the PVV was a model new get together. was remoted from the mainstream. It was a problem to make it stand. Seeing the immense potential of this group, Arnoud determined to affix it.

Accept Islam

was Not Accept Islam, Earlier than

Arnoud was recognized for the get together’s controversial views on Muslims. He was additionally anti-Islam then.

He says, “At that time, like many people in Western Europe and the Netherlands, I had an anti-Islamic mindset. Like I used to think that Islam is very intolerant, atrocities on women, encourages terrorism. Such prejudices against Islam are prevalent all over the world.”

In the 12 months 2008, when the anti-Islam movie ‘Fitna’ was made, then Anard took an energetic half in its promotion. The sentiments of Muslims had been drastically harming by this movie.

He says, “‘Fitna’ was produced by PVV. I was a member of PVV then. But I was not involved in the production of ‘Fitna’ from anywhere. Yes, I was definitely part of its distribution and promotion.”

Arnoud had no apprehension from wherever that this movie was going to trigger any type of anger, resentment or discomfort among the many individuals.

He goes on to say, “Now I feel that my thoughts were like this due to lack of experience and knowledge. Today I am really ashamed for this.”

How did your pondering change? Accept Islam

“When the film ‘Fitna’ hit the market, there was a very negative reaction to it. Today I am very sorry that I was involved in the marketing of that film,” mentioned Arnoud.

How did Anard’s views on Islam lastly start to alter?

He explains, “It all happened very slowly. In the last few months while in the PVV, the Freedom Party, some doubts started cropping up in me. PVV’s views were very fanatical about Islam, whatever they said was taken from the Qur’an or some book.”

After this, two years in the past, Arnoudadditionally wished to speak about these apprehensions on the get-together. But no one paid consideration.

Then he began studying the Quran. Not solely this, begin gathering details about the custom and traditions of Muslims.

Reached the mosque

von Durn says of the journey from anti-Islam to Accept Islam, “I always asked a colleague about Islam and the Quran. He knew a lot, but not everything. So he told me about the mosque.” Advised to go and speak to the Imam.”

He mentioned, “Being from the background of the PVV party, I was afraid to go there. Still went. We went there for half an hour, but kept talking for four-five hours.”

The image that Anard had drawn in his thoughts about Islam, what he got here to know after going to the mosque and speaking to the Imam there, was completely different from that image.

When he met the Imam, he was very shocked by his pleasant perspective. His habits were open. This proved to be an important milestone for him. This assembly inspired him to be taught extra about Islam.

His Freedom Party colleagues didn’t like von Durn’s go to to the mosque and study Islam. They wished him to assume and be taught what the get together thought and instructed.

Finally Accept Islam

But understanding about Islam is one factor and settle for Islam is one other factor.

Earlier, there was no speak of changing to Islam in Arnad’s thoughts. He had just one goal, to know increasingly more about Islam. At the identical time, he additionally wished to know whether or not the prejudices that folks speak about are true or simply blown up. All this took him 12 months and a half. At the top, they got here to the conclusion that Islam has its roots in friendship and understanding. After studying, speaking and getting details about Islam, he lastly modified his faith.

After the conversion of Arnoud to Islam, he needed to undergo loads of difficulties. He says, “A lot of pressure was put on me to change the decision. Now I understand how wrong the views and information of the people in my country Netherlands are.”

shock household and associates

Family and associates had been greatly surprised by my resolution. Only my mom and girlfriend knew about this journey of mine. Others weren’t conscious of this. So he was shocked by his changing into a Muslim.

Some individuals discovered this to be a publicity stunt, whereas some had been joking. Arnoud says that if this was a publicity stunt, it will have led to two three months.

He says, “I come from a very wealthy and materialistic family. I always felt an emptiness inside me. As a Muslim youth, I now feel like a complete human being. That emptiness has been filled.” 

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