Investment In Stock Market According To Sharia Law In Islam

Investment in stock market based on sharia legislation It is lawful if inside lawful limits, in any other case not. It is taken into account that the idea of stock market was first launched in France in the thirteenth century. The Islamic idea of mudrabah, which ultimately resembles with the modern inventory market idea, however, […]

Compulsory Things In Salah (Namaz) According to Sunnah

Compulsory Things in Salah are required because Salah is the very best amongst all acts of worship. If it’s accepted by the Almighty Allah, different acts of worship are additionally accepted. And, if prayers should not accepted, different acts are additionally not accepted. But some Things Are Compulsory In Salah (Namaz) According to Sunnah. Salah […]


Basic concepts of Islam, Islam is the faith of reality. It is the embodiment of the code of life which Allah, the Creator and Lord of the universe, has revealed for the steering of mankind. For the right growth of human life, man wants two parts: (a) the assets to take care of life and to satisfy the fabric wants of the person and society, and (b) data of the rules of a particular person and social habits to allow a man to satisfy himself and to take care of justice […]

The New World Order – Behind The Scene

The world has gone via a number of political energy imbalances and adjustments all through the historical past. Despite a number of methods of defining the time period “New World Order”. it’s principally associated with the ideological notion of governing all through the world inside the concept of newest mixed efforts to kind, perceive the worldwide […]

Arab World In Favour of Muslim World In 2021 ?

Arab world, which recognises OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) assist to the Muslim world in stable type? Because there are numerous points within the Muslim world like Iran to Syria, from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, India however OIC isn’t assisted these points in a correct approach. The query could not happen to these too younger to […]

Taliban Afghanistan & Beyond The Real Power is – Iman

Taliban Afghanistan has outlasted a superpower via practically 19 years of grinding struggle. And dozens of interviews with Taliban officers and fighters in three nations, in addition to with Afghan and Western officers, illuminated the melding of outdated and new approaches and generations that helped them do it. First of all, some definitions or issues […]

63 Ramadan Quotes In English With Ramadan Status

Here we share some Ramadan quotes, Ramadan Status In English With Images with you. The first verses of the Holy Quran revealed within the holy month of Ramadan.  Muslims additionally forestall unfavourable issues and unhealthy behaviour with different Muslims brothers. Foods and sweets drinks are served each day, earlier than daybreak and after sundown. Muslims […]

How to Perform The Tahajjud Prayer

Perform The Tahajjud prayer is a particular Islamic prayer that is beneficial (however not obligatory) for all Muslims. The Tahajjud is prayed after Isha (the compulsory nightly prayer) and earlier than Fajr (the compulsory morning prayer). If doable, it’s most fascinating to carry out the Tahajjud between midnight and Fajr, ideally within the final third of the evening. Though the Tahajjud (night prayer) is not obligatory, many religious Muslims attempts to make it a part of their each day routine as an act of worship and to earn redemption […]

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