“ I Convert To Islam And I Am Happy.” – FRENCH RAPPER DIAM’S IN 2008

French Rapper DIAM’S clarify why she determined to take this superb step. She convert to Islam and adjusted her life.

In an interview with French channel TF1, She explains that Islam has sent many paths into her life. “I became a normal woman. When I wake up every morning, I know I have to improve,” she mentioned. “If you have the love of God in your coronary heart, you are complete,” She added.

French Rapper DIAM’S went on to say that she was not constructed for stardom, clarifying that the lifetime of stars made her depressing. “I attempted very laborious to have enjoyable within the events, however, I used to be not constructed for that. I believed within the dream of changing into a star, nevertheless, it was simply a phantasm,” she stated.

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She had cash, fame, affect and energy. By the age of 23, she had thousands and thousands of followers, offered greater than 4 million albums and gained quite a few awards.

she felt unfulfilled and deeply troubled about her life, one thing that made her seek solutions, discovering new hope and happiness in life is changing to Islam.

“All these things, money, success, and power did not please me,” Georgiades told the Arab News while in Makkah. “I wanted happiness; I was devastated, and I was alone. I wondered why I was here on earth. I knew it was not wealth or fame, because I had those things, and they did not please me. So I set out to find the answers to all my questions. ”

Mélanie Georgiades life was modified whereas visiting her good friend, Sousou, who was a Muslim. During that go to, Sousou requested that she be excused for a couple of minutes to go carry out her night prayers within the different room. Suddenly, Georgiades felt compelled to hitch her good friend in prayer. Despite not understanding how Muslims prayed, she adopted what Sousou was doing and prostrated herself earlier than Allah for the primary time in her life. 

“When I prayed with her and I prostrated myself, I felt being connected with God,” Georgiades stated.

In December 2008, Georgiades convert to Islam and disappeared fully from the music scene and the general public’s eyes. However, in 2009, she discovered herself rapidly thrust again into it. When a press photographer photographed her popping out of a mosque in Gennevilliers. In France, sporting the hijab and lined from head to toe in a burka.

In November of 2009, Georgiades felt it vital to clarify to her followers what led her to alter her focus in life towards faith, and returned to music for one final time, releasing her single “Children of the Desert” from her album “SOS.” 

In the track, she describes the intolerance of society in France. that society had been removed from support of her. After she transformed to Islam, leaving her feeling betrayed herself on the lookout for a brand new life elsewhere.

Concerning her determination to transform to Islam, to put on the veil. She defined the way it all got here step-by-step.  She stated that she was not able to put on it at the start, however when she learnt extra about Islam, she grew satisfied that she wanted to put on the Hijab.

She additional defined that when the press and her entourage found that she convert to Islam. She was filmed popping out from a Mosque, the press lashed out at her. Some went so far as accusing her of changing into a hazard for all her younger followers. She deplored the confusion that the media created in regards to the story of her conversion to Islam.

“I misplaced my group as a result of no one trusted me. When a younger lady converts, folks say that both she is indoctrinated or her husband compelled her to do it. As if I didn’t have my mental independence as if folks knew that I used to be a lady with a weak character or no character,” she added.

“I am so happy to the point that I have a joy in my heart that no one can take, or by taking pictures or attacking me, I have faith,” he concluded.

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