History Of Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya ) Mosque – Converted Back To Mosque –

Hagia Sophia Mosque, formally the Great Mosque of Ayasofya. The Church of Hagia Sophia is in Istanbul that has served as a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral, briefly a Roman Catholic cathedral. Later an Ottoman mosque, and a museum. Completed in 537, through the reign of the Japanese Roman emperor Justinian I. It was then the world’s largest inside area and the primary to make use of a full pendentive dome. And this is alleged to have “changed the history of architecture”.

The Hagia Sophia Mosque anchors the Old City of Istanbul. And It served for hundreds of years as a landmark for each Orthodox Christians and Muslims. As its significance has shifted with that of the dominant tradition within the Turkish metropolis.

What Is the Hagia Sophia Mosque ?

History Of Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya ) Mosque - Converted Back To Mosque –

The Hagia Sophia Mosque (Ayasofya in Turkish) initially constructed as a basilica for the Greek Orthodox Christian Church. However, its perform has modified a number of instances within the centuries since.

Byzantine Emperor Constantius commissioned the development of the primary Hagia Sophia in 360 A.D. At the time of the primary church’s development, Istanbul often called Constantinople. It taking its identity from Constantius’ father, Constantine I, the primary ruler of the Byzantine Empire.

The constructing measures some 269 ft in size and 240 ft in width. At its highest level, the domed roof stretches some 180 ft into the air. When the primary dome suffered a partial collapse in 557. Its substitute designed by Isidore the Younger (the nephew of Isidoros, one of many unique architects). With structural ribs and an extra pronounced arc. And this model of construction stays in place in the present day.

However, town’s seize could be overseen by Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II in 1453. The Hagia Sophia transformed into an imperial mosque within the empire’s new capital, the place it functioned as such for some 500 years earlier than the demise of the caliphate in 1924 within the aftermath of the First World War.

In line with Western Puppet Ataturk’s drive for secularisation within the nascent Turkish republic and as a goodwill gesture to the Orthodox Christian world, the church made right into a museum. 

Why Sultan Mehmed II Converted Hagia Sophia Church to Mosque –

Hagia Sophia Mosque was used for  Alami Christianity on the premise of non-secular and religious Markaz. Christ had a concept that Kalisa (Hagia Sophia) won’t ever come out of their possession. When Sultan Mehmed II Fatih conquered Constantinople in 1453 And byzantine misplaced. Rasikul Aqida Christian and non-secular chief of this metropolis took refuge on this Kalisa.

His pondering and lie have been that. When Ottoman enemies get nearer to this dome. An angel from the sky will take a sword in his hand. And via this sky seize, this Sultanate given to such a poor man. Who shall be sitting close to Satoon this time, But the Ottoman military moved past this Satoon and reached the door of Kalisa? Neither an angel descended from the sky nor the defeat of the roomies became a victory. The gathering of Christians in Kalisa saved ready for this sky assist.

Finally, Sultan Mehmed Fatih entered in. And granted the safety of all life, items and non-secular freedom. After Fajr prayers on Fatih, Sultan introduced this, We will provide prayers in Johar. Sultan gained at Constantinople Jung. Muslims weren’t restricted to maintain Kalisa protected. The lie that shared with the church additionally needed to be completed. Therefore Sultan Mehmed Fatih supposed to transform this church right into a mosque. So it bought by items. Sultan additionally put in the tower in it. After this, this mosque turned well-known as Jamia Isofiye.


Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya ) Mosque Converted Back To Mosque on 2020 –

The Turkish Council of State dominated 10 July 2020 that the unique 1934 choice to transform the sixth-century Byzantine basilica right into a museum was unlawful.

Turkey’s prime administrative court docket, the Council of State is prone to announce in the present day the restoration of the Hagia Sophia mosque from a museum to a mosque reversing an 86-year-old decree by the Council of Ministers below the presidency of the republic’s secularist founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

 Shortly after the choice, President Recep Erdogan signed—and tweeted—a decree handing the constructing to Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate.

In a televised deal with to the nation, Erdogan stated the primary prayers contained in the Hagia Sophia could be held on July 24, 2020, and he urged respect for the choice.

“I underline that we will open Hagia Sophia to worship as a mosque by preserving its character of humanity’s common cultural heritage,” he stated, including: “It is Turkey’s sovereign right to decide for which purpose Hagia Sophia will be used.”

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