How to Perform The Tahajjud Prayer

Perform The Tahajjud prayer is a particular Islamic prayer that is beneficial (however not obligatory) for all Muslims. The Tahajjud is prayed after Isha (the compulsory nightly prayer) and earlier than Fajr (the compulsory morning prayer). If doable, it’s most fascinating to carry out the Tahajjud between midnight and Fajr, ideally within the final third of the evening. Though the Tahajjud (night prayer) is not obligatory, many religious Muslims attempts to make it a part of their each day routine as an act of worship and to earn redemption and forgiveness from Allah.

Perform The Tahajjud Prayer

Every time has a particular function in Allah’s sight. However, sure instances are extra useful than others, and they’re to be taken benefit of. And night-time is one in each of these instances that the Qur’an and the sayings of the Prophet (PBUH) describe as useful.

Prophet (PBUP) Regarding Perform The Tahajjud Prayer (The Night Prayer)

The Prophet (PBUH) used to pray in the night till he was footsore. He was as soon as requested:

“– O the Messenger of Allah! Why do you strain yourself though Allah declared in the Qur’an (in chapter 48) that you were forgiven of all your sins?”

He replied:

“– Should not I be a thanking servant?” (Bukhari, Tahajjud, 6).

The Prophet (PBUH) additionally stated:

“The most virtuous prayer except the obligatory prayers is the one offered by becoming awake after sleep at night.” (Muslim, Siyam, 202-203).

“There is a certain moment at night. If a Muslim catches that moment to wish something from Allah, that thing is granted to him/her.” (Tirmizi, Vitr, 16).

“If a man wakes up at night and also wakes his wife up to offer two units of prayer together, Allah registers their names among those who remember Allah most.” (Abu Dawud, Tatawwu, 18).

“Do not you ever disregard praying at night! Because it was a custom of righteous people before you. Worshipping at night brings one closer to Allah, atones for one’s sins, keeps the body from illnesses, and prevents one from performing sinful acts.” (Tirmizi).

“Let Allah show mercy to the man who wakes up at night to pray, and also wakes his wife up to do so. Let Allah show mercy to the woman who wakes up at night to pray, and also wakes her husband up to do so!” (Abu Dawud, Vitr, 13).

The Prophet (PBUH) informed Abu Zarr:

“– Do you get prepared when you are about to set forth on a journey?”

Abu Zarr replied:

“– Of course, o Prophet”

The Prophet (PBUH) stated:

“– Well, how do you think that the journey on the Day of Judgment will be? Take heed of what I will tell you; shall I tell you what you would benefit from on the Day of Judgment?”

Abu Zarr replied:

“– Yes, o Messenger of Allah!”

The Prophet (PBUH) stated:

“Fast on a very hot day for the Day of Judgment. Offer a prayer of two units at night to be saved from loneliness in the grave. Make the journey to Qabah once in a lifetime, and give alms to a needy person for the great occasions of the Doomsday. Say just words or save your tongue from saying unjust things!”

(ibn Abi’d-Dunya, Kitab al-Tahajjud).

Many verses of the Qur’an name the servants to recollect Allah at night-time.

And throughout a part of the night, -Aleyhisselâm-, have a good time His praises, and (so likewise) after the postures of adoration.” (Qaf, 50: 40).

“And for the part of the night also praise Him, and at the retreats of the stars.” (Tur 52:49).

“Those who spend the night in adoration of their Lord prostrate and standing.” (Furqan 25:64).

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When Perform The Tahajjud prayer

As is the case with compulsory prayers, you will need to be aware that first carry out Salatul Isha. Then after taking a bit of sleep and get up. And carry out the Tahajjud prayer.

Perform The Tahajjud Prayer (The Night Prayer)

1. As talked about earlier, it’s preferable and extra praiseworthy to set the alarm, sleep, after which to get up specifically, to supply the Night Prayer.

2. Wake up in the course of the evening at the time you have chosen. Once you wake, carry out Wudu, the ritual ablution Muslims use to cleanse themselves earlier than they pray or deal with the Holy Quran. Traditionally, performing Wudu means utilizing clear water to scrub oneself within the following 4 methods:

  • Washing the face
  • Washing the arms and arms as much as and together with the elbows
  • Wiping the pinnacle (Masah)
  • Washing the toes as much as the ankles
  • Note that many Muslims (together with the Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]) additionally select to scrub their mouth and enamel with a miswak earlier than the Tahajjud.
  • If you have got discharged mani earlier within the evening, whether or not throughout the sexual activity or a moist dream, then the Ghusl full-body ritual cleaning should be carried out.

3. Wearing your regular prayer garments, sit down on a prayer mat and face the Holy Kabah in Mecca as you’d on your compulsory  Perform The Tahajjud prayer .

  • To be clear, you do not have to be wherever particular, like a mosque or a lavishly-decorated room in your home, to hope the Tahajjud. All that is wanted is a spot that is clear which may even be in your room.

4. At the time for Perform The Tahajjud prayer, calmly focus and mirror on the glory of your Lord. Do not fear fleeting worldly issues which are finally meaningless compared to His infinite knowledge and mercy. Calm yourself and overlook your worldly issues, hopes, and fears. Ignore any damaging, distracting ideas or emotions. Close your eyes and focus your consideration on your coronary heart as you start to attain a heightened state of religious consciousness.

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