Investment In Stock Market According To Sharia Law In Islam

Investment in stock market based on sharia legislation It is lawful if inside lawful limits, in any other case not. It is taken into account that the idea of stock market was first launched in France in the thirteenth century. The Islamic idea of mudrabah, which ultimately resembles with the modern inventory market idea, however, […]

Compulsory Things In Salah (Namaz) According to Sunnah

Compulsory Things in Salah are required because Salah is the very best amongst all acts of worship. If it’s accepted by the Almighty Allah, different acts of worship are additionally accepted. And, if prayers should not accepted, different acts are additionally not accepted. But some Things Are Compulsory In Salah (Namaz) According to Sunnah. Salah […]

Berke Khan: First Mongol Ruler converts & Embraced Islam

Berke Khan (thirteenth century, precise date of delivery unknown) was a grandson of Genghis Khan and a Mongolian military commander and ruler of the Golden Horde (a division of the Mongol Empire)[1] who successfully consolidated the facility of the Blue Horde and White Horde[2] from 1257 to 1266. He succeeded his brother Batu Khan of […]

Accept Islam, Dutch politician Arnoud Van Doorn: I regret my anti-Islam past

Accept Islam, Dutch politician Arnoud Van Doorn criticized Islam. he is an important member of a far-right party in the Netherlands. Accept Islam, Dutch politician Anard Van Doorn criticized Islam. he is an important member of a far-right party in the Netherlands. But that was 5 years in the past. In the identical 12 months i.e. in March 2013, Arnaud Durn introduced his accept […]

Convert Story of Female Airline Pilot, Embraces Islam

Convert Story of Female Airline Pilot, she explained. I need to present to the world that Islam is just not a faith of slavery and oppression as many suppose and Islam is just not a hindrance within the profession of girls. In distinction to all this, the place I’m at as we speak is due to the assistance and style of Allah. My identity is Ayesha Jibril Alexander. I used to be raised and educated in a Roman Catholic household, faculty and college. I’ve been concerned with faith from the start and I typically used […]

Three thousand American soldiers Accepted Islam

Did you additionally hear that three thousand American soldiers accept Islam throughout the Gulf War? that is true. Very few folks know who’s behind this variation. One of the individuals who introduced this feast of Islam to those American troopers is Dr Abu Amina Bilal Phillips. Abu Amina Phillips was born in Jamaica and studied in Canada. He is at the moment instructing at Dubai American University. Abu Amina was a Christian at first however transformed to Islam to American soldiers in 1972 by changing to Islam. American soldiers […]

I’m a feminist and conversion to Islam in 2001 – Theresa Carbin

Theresa Carbin is an author. She lives in Orleans, Louisiana and is the founding father of Islamwich. For the primary time, details about his conversion to Islam was revealed on CNN. I’m a Muslim however was not a Muslim from the start. I transformed to Islam in November 2001, two months after the 9/11 tragedy. I used to be 21 at the time and lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This was a nasty part for the Muslims. Despite 4 years of examination and the blatant propaganda towards the […]


Professor Benil Hewitt was a well-known American thinker and creator. He is counted among the many necessary individuals who accepted Islam in America. His Islamic title is Abdullah Hassan Benil. In this text, he has talked about the deserves of Islam. They have been vastly influenced by these deserves. It isn’t any shock that I accepted Islam Nor is there any interference of greed. I believe it is a change of coronary heart. And it’s the results of finding out extra of these religions which dominate the […]

“ I Convert To Islam And I Am Happy.” – FRENCH RAPPER DIAM’S IN 2008

French Rapper DIAM’S clarify why she determined to take this superb step. She convert to Islam and adjusted her life. In an interview with French channel TF1, She explains that Islam has sent many paths into her life. “I became a normal woman. When I wake up every morning, I know I have to improve,” […]

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