Revert Story Of Doctor Safiya (Saroj Shalini)-

Revert Story of Doctor Safiya (Saroj Shalni)-


This is the Revert Story Safiya, the right way to Revert To Islam. These are excerpts from an interview taken by Dr Safia relating to the confession of Islam.

Revert Story Of Doctor Safiya (Saroj Shalini) From The Interview

Asma Jatulfoujain – Asslamuallaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu
Dr. Safiya – Wallaikumasllam warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu

Question – Dr.safiya, Dad bought a name from Ajmer, He instructed me that your name was acquired, I ought to name you and discuss to you. It will probably be in your data that right here in Fulat, Our proper of the feast to achieve the siblings of the bloody relationship And fear about their escaping from hell And create duty And an Urdu journal comes out to awaken the Muslims.

Biographies of Revert Story well-known siblings Revert To Islam are printed in {a magazine}. Thank you introduce yourself first

Answer – My full title is Saroj Shalini. Born on 24 September 1978 in a Brahmin household of Mohanlalganj close to Lucknow.  

Question – Explain the incident of Revert Story and the explanations for it. (that is Revert Story of Safiya.)

Answer –In June 2003, on obligation within the ICCU youngsters ward. I noticed Maulana sahib come to see a toddler. Maulana Sahab blew the kid after studying one thing. There have been 4 beds in your complete ward and there was just one Muslim affected person. The mother of different sufferers requested Maulana Saheb to blow her youngsters.

I got here to the ward wanting from the entrance and requested Maulana Saheb, who’s your affected person? Do you ever come to this affected person, ever come to that affected person, that is ICCU, there’s a danger of an infection right here.

Maulana sahib mentioned that every one these sufferers are mine. That is why our elders have mentioned that All people are youngsters of 1 guardian. Therefore, I’ve a blood relation with each affected person admitted right here. The proprietor who created you and us, he doesn’t like this stuff that ‘this is mine and this is your’. And what we’re studying and blowing.

This is the voice of the identical God, Who has mentioned this in his speech. Say this with the phrases of his true message service Ibrahim Alaissalam, In whose title the individuals of India name themselves Brahmins. You will see each day that you simply give good medication to the affected person by your considering And the affected person dies after recovering, And typically there’s a mistake within the remedy and the affected person recovers.

I heard this for the primary time. Last week 6 youngsters in our ward died, 4 of them have been very stunning And I additionally fell in love with him due to being within the ward for two weeks. their loss of life was very impact damage to my coronary heart. Hearing Maulana saheb’s love-filled discuss to me, I felt that I ought to hearken to one thing else from him. I requested Maulana Saheb to come back to my cabin. Maulana Saheb got here to the cabin and mentioned so much about my occupation.

I thanked Maulana sahib and Maulana sahib left. Later, I got here to know from the daddy of the kid that who is that this Maulana saheb? This is our Hazratji. he’s a really good man. Thousands of individuals Revert To Islam on their arms. Maulana Saheb’s phrases have influenced me for a very long time. But after a number of days, talks went out of reminiscence.

I had a room accomplice Reena Sehgal. One day they known as me to eat.After sharing meals, He used to come back to work as a Muslim. I instructed him why you’re a Muslim maid? No Hindu discovered. she mentioned she is an efficient woman and really sincere. After that, she began speaking about Muslims. DR Rina mentioned, as is getting issues within the media in opposition to Muslims, People have gotten Muslims. huge and wealthy persons are changing into Muslims. You learn about Michael Jackson, He additionally grew to become Muslim.

Balbir is a younger physician of cardiology in our hospital. He grew to become a Muslim 2 years in the past. His want is that every one the individuals within the hospital grow to be Muslims. ( that is revert story of safiya )

Called them for a affected person’s checkup, He instructed me that if you wish to escape from hell after loss of life, then carry religion. I remembered Maulana Saheb coming to the ward after listening to this factor of Reena. I instructed DR Reena, Introduce me to DR Balbir. Reena known as the subsequent day and mentioned On Sunday, DR Balveer is named to my room. You come to the room at 10 o’clock. I requested them, When did you change to Islam?

He mentioned 8 -9 years in the past. I requested the explanation for this conversion. He instructed that solely Islam is the true and first and final faith. Death shouldn’t be salvation with out Islam And hell without end. Accepting Islam is as vital for you as for me. I requested him about altering the title. He mentioned that his Islamic title is Waliullah.

I instructed him about Maulana Saheb who got here to the hospital ward. What Maulana Saheb mentioned, He continues to be in my coronary heart. Maulana Saheb mentioned that we’re all youngsters of 1 father. And we’re Brother of a bloody relationship. that is your, that is mine, God doesn’t like this in any respect. DR Balveer mentioned Maulana saheb had mentioned all this stuff very true. All this stuff, Islam and all of us PROPHET mentioned within the final Hajj speech.

I requested that speech to get printed. They mentioned that each phrase of our PROPHET is protected and printed. I’ll ship you thru somebody from dr Reena. Just a few days later, Dr Reena Sehgal gave me that template. In which the final hajj of our PROPHET was preached. I used to be shocked to learn it, Especially for issues mentioned about girls. I miss maulana sahib And want to meet them.

And concerned about understanding about Islam. I name dr balveer. And requested time to fulfil them. I went to the hospital and met him in his ward. I requested him to offer a speech to know Islam. The subsequent day he got here to my hospital. And gave me a small e-book ” Aapki Amanat Aapki Seva Me “. He mentioned that this small e-book is essential to know the necessity for Islam and its affiliation.

I sat within the ward and browse the ebook at one time. And missed Maulana Saheb by studying the e-book. I knew Dr Balbir and requested him to fulfil the writer of the e-book. 4 days later Dr Balveer calls me. He mentioned that he can meet Maulana Kalim Siddiqui, the writer of the e-book, within the Green Park Mosque.

I bought prepared instantly. We reached Green Park Mosque by auto. Glad to see maulana sahib, Because the writer of the e-book is similar to Maulana sahib. (that is the revert story of Safiya.)

Who got here to my ward. I got here to fulfil Maulana Saheb, But couldn’t cease myself. And I instructed Maulana sir that I’ve come to be a Muslim, Revert To Islam. Maulana Sahib was very blissful And taught me Kalma. They named me Safiya.


Book “Naseem E Hidayat Ke Jhonke “

Writer – Maulana Muhammad kaleem Siddiqui

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