I’m a feminist and conversion to Islam in 2001 – Theresa Carbin

Theresa Carbin is an author. She lives in Orleans, Louisiana and is the founding father of Islamwich. For the primary time, details about his conversion to Islam was revealed on CNN. I’m a Muslim however was not a Muslim from the start. I transformed to Islam in November 2001, two months after the 9/11 tragedy. I used to be 21 at the time and lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This was a nasty part for the Muslims. Despite 4 years of examination and the blatant propaganda towards the […]

167 Inspirational Quran Quotes About Peace And Success

The holy scripture of Islam, the Quran is stuffed with verses that undertaking peace, love and wrestle.  We Muslims carry on chanting that Islam is a faith of peace and love. The propaganda towards Islam and Muslims is so sturdy that Islam’s message of peace is overshadowed. Here we share the most Inspirational Quran Quotes About Peace, […]

Women’s Right In Islam According to Quran And Hadith

Many individuals assume that women’s in Islam don’t have any right. They assume that Islam oppressed women’s and did not deal with them as human beings. In this text Women’s Right In Islam, this false impression shall be mentioned and answered. Women’s Role In Islam Islam considers women as members who play an important function […]

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