Three thousand American soldiers Accepted Islam

Did you additionally hear that three thousand American soldiers accept Islam throughout the Gulf War? that is true. Very few folks know who’s behind this variation. One of the individuals who introduced this feast of Islam to those American troopers is Dr Abu Amina Bilal Phillips. Abu Amina Phillips was born in Jamaica and studied in Canada. He is at the moment instructing at Dubai American University. Abu Amina was a Christian at first however transformed to Islam to American soldiers in 1972 by changing to Islam.

American soldiers

American soldiers About Accept Islam

Bilal says– ‘During the primary Gulf War, I laboured within the spiritual division of the American soldiers within the Saudi desert. American troopers had many misconceptions about Islam. In America, they had been ordered to not go close to mosques. We took them to mosques. He was very impressed by the simplicity and environment contained in the mosques. In reality, when he first stepped on the land of Saudia, he discovered it a weird place the place girls had been seen carrying black hijab. But these troopers had particular expertise once they had been in Saudi Arabia and it was sudden expertise for them to open their eyes.

American soldiers had been shocked to see the hospitality of the folks there. People used to deliver recent dates and milk for him and he was extremely revered. American troopers had not seen such hospitable and pleasant behaviour in Korea and Japan the place they’d been stationed for a few years.

 Bilal says – I returned to America and I established Islamic chapters within the US Defense Department for American soldiers. During my keep in Saudi, about three thousand American troopers transformed to Islam. Perhaps you don’t consider me that Saudi Arabia is the one nation on the earth the place American troopers didn’t depart behind Vaar Babies (kids orphaned by warfare). These American troopers used to overtly focus on the Islamic rules and practices of their tents. 

These Muslim troopers are the messengers of Islam within the US navy. Saudi Arabia has left a great impression of Islam in Western international locations. I noticed that Saudi Arabia takes care of its residents a lot better than American residents. While two million American residents nonetheless sleep on the streets and sidewalks, not a single Saudi citizen sleeps on the sidewalk.

Dr Abu Amina Bilal Phillips Story About Accept Islam

Abu Amina was the primary Christian. He was born in Jamaica in 1947. He is from a well-educated household. Both his mother and father had been academics. One of his grandfather’s brothers was a church minister and biblical scholar. His household was open-minded. 

He used to go to church along with his mom each Sunday. When he was eleven years outdated, his household migrated to Canada. Earlier his identity was Intake. When he was doing his commencement in Biochemistry, During that point he got here involved with the folks of communist ideology. 

The attraction of communism additionally took him to China. After getting back from China, he joined the Communist Party of Canada. While within the Communist Party, he noticed many shortcomings and defects in it. He noticed the dearth of self-discipline within the leaders of that social gathering. The reply they used to get was that after the revolution everything could be advantageous. 

The case of embezzlement from social gathering funds additionally got here to his discovery. He wished to go to China to be taught city guerrilla prevention. But the person who had come to pick out them for this was a drug addict. All these items diminished Abu Amina’s attachment to communism.

Amina Bilal additionally went to California and there he joined the Black Panthers faction for the aim of getting justice for the black folks. But he noticed there that the majority of them used to take medication. They used to gather donations within the identity of safety committees after which used to spend that cash on medication and events. 

Abu Amina noticed Malcolm X, Alijah Muhammad and their son Wraith Din Muhammad accept Islam in America. He learns the biography of Malcolm X, who turned into a Muslim. He learned a few of Elijah Muhammad’s literature, however, it didn’t make any distinction to him as a result of the ethnic hatred of white folks in Elijah Muhammad’s literature was sturdy and Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam was additionally not in keeping with the ideology of Islam. He says – I did not need to see all white folks just like satan.

The ebook that the majority influenced Amina Phillips was ‘Islam: The Miss Understudied Religion’ by Syed Qutb. In this ebook, Islam, socialism, communism, capitalism, economic system and religious features had been introduced in a great method. He was satisfied that Islam might play a greater function within the financial and social lifetime of Western society. Maulana Abul Ala Maududi’s ebook ‘Towards Understanding Islam’ gave him an in-depth view of Islam. Bilal additionally studied wars gained by imperialist international locations like Italy and African international locations like Morocco, Libya with an Islamic perspective. 

They say- ‘ I got here to know that Islam doesn’t educate to show the opposite cheek for slap, that’s, it doesn’t educate to tolerate atrocities. In this fashion, after learning Islam completely, I turned an advocate of Islam after which in 1972, I accept Islam after pondering.

Bilal discovered Arabic and Islamic Shariat from an Egyptian man. Bilal obtained details about Islam from varied sources. Abu Amina graduated from the Islamic University of Medina. Bilal did his MA in Islam from Riyadh University in 1985 and his PhD in Islam in 1994. Later he began instructing Islam to English medium kids. He additionally wrote 5 Islamic textbooks for youngsters. Bilal additionally established the Online Islamic University within the 12 months 2000. This college affords BA in Islam and different minor programs. More than 20000 college students from 160 international locations worldwide are registered at this college.

Dr Abu Amina Bilal Phillips India tour

Dr Abu Amina Bilal Phillips additionally visited India throughout his PhD. He noticed the pathetic situation of the Muslims of North India. He noticed that North Indian Muslims take pleasure in superstition. He additionally went to Kerala. Here he noticed good hope.

Bilal believes that a lot stays to be finished for Islam in Western international locations. He teaches Islam and Arabic within the US and Canada throughout the summertime. He believes that Muslims from non-Muslim international locations ought to run Islamic colleges within the Islamic group or else the variety of those that apply Islam in life might be lower than ten per cent. They say that Muslims ought to stay their lives in accordance with Islamic rules. 

The function of Abu Amina Bilal’s life is to deliver revolution within the society, however, this revolution will come solely when each individual will arrange his life conduct in accordance with Islamic values. And Bilal has put his efforts into this. According to Abu Amina Bilal, many American soldiers Accept Islam.

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