Why Did Famous American Singer Jennifer Grout Accept To Islam

In an interview with Al Jazeera, American Singer Jennifer Grout evoked nice reminiscences of instances spent in Morocco that pushed her to convert to Islam in 2013.

When She had graduated from McGill University in Canada. Then went on a summer season journey to Morocco in 2012, Grout stated that there was one thing distinctive about Morocco that affected and led her to transform into Islam.

The 29-year-old singer was referring to the generosity and hospitality of Moroccan folks. She stated that listening to all of the Mosques concurrently calling for prayers astonished her. Grout added that each one of these components led her to undertake in-depth research of Islam.

Why Did Famous American Singer Jennifer Grout Revert To Islam

American Singer Jennifer Grout Announced

Earlier this month, Singer Jennifer Grout appeared in a video the place she introduced her conversion to Islam. The video bought about 1,000,000 hits in lower than every week.

Singer Jennifer Grout

“Actually the video that everyone has seen is part of a Moroccan film I made before my performance aired on Arabs Got Talent,” Grout was quoted as saying by information web site Gulfnews.com.

In the video, Grout seems to study the Shahada. which implies her formal conversion to Islam, then superbly reciting the primary verse of the Quran. Jennifer Grout seems together with two Moroccans from the south, One of whom is believed to be her fiancée or husband.

She is reverted to Islam. Grout instantly began training her new faith. She is doing each day 5 prayers and giving charity on a frequent foundation. She additionally stated that she is planning to quick throughout subsequent Ramadan.

Why Revert To Islam

American Singer Jennifer Grout plans to quick throughout Ramadan later this 12 months. And she can also be “trying to be more generous so to practice zakat”.

“Those are important issues, and naturally I’m making an attempt to teach myself about it, to know extra in regards to the that means of the Quran, Islam’s historical past… I learn someplace that Islam is just not a state of being, however a technique of turning into, and that actually rings true for me.

”Grout’s attachment to faith comes two years after she was “atheist and against religion, thinking that it was harmful rather than helpful to the world”. But when she met her Moroccan fiancee a year-and-a-half in the past, he unconsciously made her change her view.

He is, she says, “the most courageous, persistent and loving person I know… I admired him, and so I wanted to make the relationship work — he is Muslim. This is one of the biggest factors in doing that was to at least understand Islam. By making an effort to understand and opening my mind to it, suddenly strange and amazing things started happening to me, like huge coincidences and feelings/sensations I’d never had before. That’s how my “process of becoming” initially began. So it’s a pretty current factor for me.”

she goals of singing Arabic music across the Arab world and as properly for Arabs in America. She plans to pursue each Arabic and Moroccan Berber music. “One is studied music, one is folk music… each allows me to express myself differently,” she stated.

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Recitation Of The Quran

Singer Jennifer Grout recitation of Ayat al Kursi (The Throne Verse) – the 255th verse of the second surah of the Quran, Al Baqarrah – has garnered a whole bunch of hundreds of views on social media platforms resembling Facebook and Instagram. 

“I really had no idea they would become so popular. I get messages from people saying things like ‘you’re famous in Pakistan’,” Grout, who’s now primarily based within the US instructed The National. “As far because the recitations go, I’m nonetheless in my imitation part.

The recitations are all finished within the model of Mohammed Siddiq El-Minshawi, Whose recitation methods I like very a lot.” The suggestions on social media have been overwhelmingly optimistic,

Grout says criticism for singing after changing has by no means escaped her. “There have been some who’ve criticised me for my singing, saying that it goes in opposition to the tenets of Islam,

” she statedadmitting that the feedback affected her, inflicting her to fall right into a “black and white mentality for a while”.

Singer Jennifer Grout trying ahead to extra performances sooner or later. “I haven’t been within the Middle East since 2017, however, I’m trying ahead to being again and hopefully, performing there.”

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