Professor Benil Hewitt was a well-known American thinker and creator. He is counted among the many necessary individuals who accepted Islam in America. His Islamic title is Abdullah Hassan Benil. In this text, he has talked about the deserves of Islam. They have been vastly influenced by these deserves.

It isn’t any shock that I accepted Islam Nor is there any interference of greed. I believe it is a change of coronary heart. And it’s the results of finding out extra of these religions which dominate the human thoughts. But this modification can solely occur in an individual whose coronary heart and thoughts are raised above non-secular prejudices and prejudices. And with a clear coronary heart can differentiate between good and dangerous.


Some Moments in Journey to Accepted Islam

I imagine that there are some true and good rules in Christianity too, however, on this faith, the clergymen blended many improper issues. He spoiled the looks of faith and made it fully lifeless. In distinction, Islam exists in the identical authentic kind by which it appeared. Since I used to be searching for a faith that’s pure from adulteration. So I accepted Islam.

You go to a church and you’ll discover nothing besides maps, photos and statues. Apart from this, have a look at the shining garments of the clergymen. And in the event you have a look at the group of nans(spiritual sisters), they do not even have any relation with spirituality. It appears that we aren’t standing in a prayer corridor, however in a temple that has been constructed just for the worship of idols. then have a look at the mosque. You will see neither an idol nor an image. Then have a look at the strains of the worshipers. Thousands of small and large folks might be seen standing shoulder to shoulder. The reality is that the scene of Rukuh and Sajdah in Namaz is so charming to the centre and eyes that nobody can dwell without being affected by it.

The complete ambience of the mosque and all of the issues draw in direction of spirituality. Neither the feel nor the fundamental ornament. On the opposite, there’s an excessive amount of pretence of bodily brilliance in all issues of the Church. Maybe some folks object that the Protestant faith is holy from all these evils. And he has thrown out the statue and the image from his church buildings, why did not you settle for it as an alternative of Islam? Of course, the Protestant faith is unquestionably nearer to the true faith. But despite my perception that Jesus Christ was a prophet and I’ve no religion in it, I’ve been affirming it from the very starting.

I used to be inclined in direction of Islam for a very long time. But my religion was not robust sufficient that I might boldly declare to be Muslim. Here the hesitation was not attributable to any understanding or human, nevertheless, it was as a result of I used to be not totally conscious of the deserves of Islam. But as I learn the books of Islamic students about Islam, my eyes opened. I clearly got here to know concerning the deserves of this faith and its final PROPHET PBUH’s favour on people. And lastly, I adopted this faith.

I’ve seen a spiritual custom-like Islam (believing God as one, monotheism), it isn’t present in every other faith. This monotheism of Islam first drew me to this faith The biggest high quality that I discovered in Islam is that he doesn’t discuss spiritual growth, however, he’s additionally very useful in worldly progress. Islam doesn’t prepare an individual to go away from the world and undergo the lifetime of a sanyasi. Rather, it conjures up the particular person to enhance the worldly life and obtain success in it.

Islam doesn’t inform folks solely in spiritual issues, however, in each matter of the world, folks see a greater approach. And guides him at each step.

Islam has referred to as the world the cultivation of the hereafter. And it has been ordered to folks that he mustn’t hesitate to fulfil his spiritual duties in addition to his duties associated with the world. The reality is that within the present scientific period, Islam is the one faith that may information this world in the best route, like progress, can present it the best path.

One of the nice qualities of Islam is that it’s a robust opponent of slim considering and partiality. Islam doesn’t solely educate love and good therapy to the followers of its faith, nevertheless it dictates sympathy, equality and good therapy to all human beings, no matter their faith. He is in favour of dividing people moderately than connecting them. The reality is that Islam itself has taught people the lesson of humanity for the primary time.

I’ve been following the teachings of Islam for the final 5 years. doing worship associated with this faith. The factor that has strengthened my religion and perception is the holy and lofty precept of Islam. It’s common brotherhood.

Islam is a faith that’s information and follows from head to toe. Rather I might say that Islam is a faith to be accepted. On the opposite hand, Christianity is a faith that not solely denies monotheism, which implies one God but in addition forbids a person from benefiting from the world. If an individual needs to turn into it within the true sense, then he must shun the world and undertake solitude. But by residing in Islam, we are able to profit from all of the reduction and happiness of the world. Neither do we have to all the time sitting in any nook of the mosque, nor do we’ve got the compulsion to move life within the forest.

If an individual has been despatched into the world to go away the world and undertake a sannyasin life, then the aim of his delivery will not be understood. What is the aim of human life, solely Islam has defined that human beings ought to profit from every part of nature by residing on this planet, however on the identical time handle their moments and their creation?

Ever since I accepted Islam, I’m feeling very relaxed. My world has additionally gone proper and the hereafter too insha’Allah.

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